My scientific coordinates

My name is Rolf H. Engler and I was born in Bad Essen, Germany, in 1944. In 1969 I received my Dipl. Ing. degree at the Ing.-Academy of Wolfenbüttel in the field of heating and air conditioning. After five years in industry, I started a second study at the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Institute for Flow Physics and received my Dipl.-Physiker degree in 1979 for "Vortex investigation using Ultrasonic pulses". In 1986 I received the Dr. rer. nat. degree for "Experimental investigations of vortex breakdown using a newly developed non intrusive technique - the Ultrasonic-Laser-Method". I was still engaged to develop non disturbing methods for flow field and surface investigations as well as temperature measurements. Since 1991 I work on pressure-sensitive paint techniques PSP in different wind tunnels of DLR and Europe. Since 1995 I'm the project leader of the PSP team at DLR Göttingen and created with my six person team a DLR-PSP-Intensity system for various speed ranges as well as the PSP-Lifetime technique and Temperature sensitive paints (TSP) for different temperature regimes - manly for turbine blades but also for cryogenic wind tunnel applications.